Helping You Find a Way Forward

Hello and welcome.

My aim is to support people to believe in and accept themselves so that they can lead fulfilling lives and experience healthy relationships with others.  Trauma and past experiences can create negative views of who we are and can lead to unhealthy coping behaviours or difficult feelings such as shame or guilt.  Taking time to process events in a safe environment can help us to heal from these external influences, which means we can start to embrace who we are and the lives we want to live.

I am an experienced, qualified therapeutic counsellor accredited with the professional body British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  I work primarily in Street, Somerset but can also offer appointments in Glastonbury.  Both locations are easily accessed from Wells, Somerton and the surrounding Somerset Villages.   I set up my private practice in 2012 and in that time I have successfully supported people through a wide range of difficulties, some of which include anxiety, low self esteem, low self confidence, depression, loss, trauma, abuse and relationship difficulties.  READ MORE

Why Counselling?

People enter into therapy for lots of different reasons. You may be feeling anxious, stressed or unable to cope with situations.  You may have experienced a trauma in the past which is still having a negative effect on you or you may be aware that you are using unhealthy coping mechanisms to get you through each day. Your emotions may feel overwhelming and out of control and you find yourself crying, getting angry or hurting yourself and/or others.  The reason you are looking for support is personal to you.  READ MORE

How I Can Support You

As your counsellor, I will commit to supporting you to explore anything of importance to you in a supportive, safe and confidential environment.  Counselling takes place in a ground level, comfortable, quiet room and there is on road parking nearby.  To enable you to have the best chance of accessing counselling,  I offer a range of appointments covering daytime, evening and Saturday mornings.  READ MORE

If you think that counselling can help you or you would like to find out more, please contact me:

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