What I Can Offer


I work with adults aged 18 years and over.

I am happy to offer counselling via employment assisted programmes.

Courses and Support Groups:

I am able to deliver bespoke wellbeing courses to groups and can facilitate peer support groups.

Wellbeing Consultancy:

I work with employers to deliver a wellbeing consultancy service to their employees.



Initial Appointment (Up to 75 minutes):  £50

Further Appointments (60 minutes):  £50

Courses, Group Support and Wellbeing Consultancy:

I provide a bespoke service which means you can ensure you get your needs met.  Please contact me so that we can discuss your requirements.


Payment for each session can be paid in advance or on the day of your counselling session.  If you are having in-person counselling, you can pay by bank transfer or cash.  If you are having counselling online or by telephone, you will need to make payment by bank transfer.

If your employer is paying for your therapy, I will usually agree a set number of sessions with them before therapy begins and will send an invoice to your employer at the end of the agreed number of appointments.

I am an recognised provider for

Aviva Insurance,


and Aetna Global Benefits.

If you are claiming under your policy, I will follow your insurance company terms of condition, usually invoicing the insurer directly.

If you think that counselling can help you or you would like to find out more, please contact me:

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Header photo by Sean Paul Kinnear on Unsplash